OceanBridge Capital

International Secondary Venture Investing

Seeking Investments Like Yours… (our investment strategy)

Sectors> Technology, Media, Telecoms,  Med-Tech, Bio-Tech, or Business Services Companies

Growth> High Growth (more than 20% yoy)

Revenues> Minimum 7mm Euro up to 900mm Euro  (15mm+ is ideal)

Profitability> EBITDA Profitable or eminently profitable

Investor Base> At least one other Venture Capital or Institutional Investor

Board Seat> Normally not required

Source of Shares> Normally Founders, Early Angels,  Early Stage Venture Capitalists,  Public Holders

Size of Investment> from 500k Euro to 30mm Euro   (Size normally irrelevant if all other criteria is fulfilled)


  Troisville wrote @


we can offer you some projects in Germany, France with

good IRR.

Please answer to a.m. e-mail if interest.



  Gregory Carson wrote @

please send inquiries to gregory@oceanbridgecapital.co.uk

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