OceanBridge Capital

International Secondary Venture Investing

Hedge Funds

OceanBridge made investments in and has special relationships in key emerging Hedge Fund Companies (and in particular their managers). Through these relationships, European investors who have Hedge Fund Asset allocations, can access funds that are highly successful, unique and have unusally high returns for low risk investing.

Stat-arb and program trading in Oil Futures and FX Futures
Fund Manager: Walton Comer  
Performance: Top 2% of all funds
Track Record: 24 months of trading with average Sharpe Ratio >4
Fund Status: Fund Raising 3rd Account
VII Peaks Capital Management
Strategy: Convertible Debt and Debt Cooperative Activism
Chief Investment Officer: Gurprit Chandhoke  
Track Record: Confidential
Fund Status: >$40mm under management 

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