OceanBridge Capital

International Secondary Venture Investing

Interface and User Experience Designers (full time, part time and Interns needed)

Ocean Bridge Capital portfolio companies are looking for top candidates to apply for a position in one of it’s investments as a User Experience manager.

Applicants must have

1) Achieving drive and history of delivering results (in education or employment)

2) Solid and active knowledge of the internet and web

3) an analytical or strategic mind that is conscious of how things work. You may be interested in usability or have a  critical opinion towards web sites and applications that are easy to use or not.

4) Detail oriented and capable of both self starting and completing projects at a very high quality level

5) Solid feel and strong opinions about user experience and solid proficiency on (or significant learning curve towards) online graphics tools (photoshop, vector, html, etc).

6) A desire to work in a fast moving, unstructured, but globally focused start up environment with colleagues and employees in california, london, sweden and finland.

These positions will ‘own’ parts of a software or internet or mobile phone product, and participate in design, management of features, specification, and interaction with the technical team.

please send resume and links to or zipped portfolio to HR@oceanbridgecapital.co.uk

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